Full Lunar Eclipse
July 2019
Freakin' Cool...1 Small Step...
Live Female Space Walk!! This is live TODAY!!!!
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Bouman's Team Black Hole
A Black Hole
Very Star Trek Stylized Black Hole
  • Venus
  • Hubble Spacecraft is why we see all this coolness
Herbig Haro 666 is a young star that is shooting out narrow collimated jets in opposite directions. The jets are a byproduct of material falling onto to the star. The material is heated and then escapes along the star’s spin axis. Blazing across space at 200,000 miles per hour, the jets provide a way for the star to slow its spin by carrying off angular momentum. The star is hidden deep within the obscuring cloud of gas and dust shown in the Hubble visible-light image. In Hubble’s infrared view, the cloud mostly disappears, revealing the stars within. The jets will extend out to a light-year before dissipating. Jets are a dramatic example of the interaction between stars and the gas and dust that surrounds them. Video: NASA, ESA, G. Bacon (STScI)
A Little Late, to launch 2019
It's All About a Black Hole Baby...
The First Ever Picture of a Black Hole
Katie Bouman, helped create algorithm to picture a black hole
Explore the universe through a telescope. Shoot, we the US taxpayers paid for this...
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