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My Corona Parody
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Now is not a time for rhetoric and alternative facts and to bully reporters who challenge him.

This places too much trauma on us as we deal with this pandemic.

 You can be a leader in the time of war, by spreading calm, by spreading the truth, by ensuring the government supports supply chain, the healthcare infrastructure, first responders, clerks in pharmacy, grocery stores, mail carriers everyone. A leader is inconclusive not divisive.

I will be checking and updating numbers and information daily on State Government and CDC sites and looking for Dr. Fauci backed information going forward. I will only be able to tolerate 10 mins of the news and will only tune in to listen to Vlad Dutier on CBS Morning News going forward.

Call  423-463-0658 to leave a 2 minute non-trolly message and I might just play it on the show!

For the Latest on COVID 19 for our state.

State of Tennessee By County
Most Current Information from the TN Department of Health
Every County has cases with Davidson and Shelby the hardest hit





COVID-19 Webinar for Health Care Providers - Recorded March 27, 2020
For the latest on testing, cases, and fatalities

This is a pandemic with everyone being affected. We have to stop the spread.