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This page will be updated as products become available. I will post quizzes and reviews of products that I promote. Feel free to use the contact form below to your own comments, special requests and to leave general compliments which will be posted. We will even post constructive criticisms.

I am a customer as as well as a marketer. I can't wait to use the links I will display on the product page. So before you navigate to Lulumon check out the originator of yoga cool products!

Why become a patron? I will never win the lottery, but I think my boredom and distaste for conventional forms of entertainment has pushed my intent to create content that uplifts and entertains me, but it should be shared with the world. The distractions of adult life, like my day job, prohibits my ability to create better content. It takes time to do all of this y'all, and time is money. The research and scripting, albeit loose scripting, will only improve with attention to the editing and then publication. 
I need sponsors dedicated to bringing better content to the world. I am the Ruth of Podcasts seeking a Boaz. Yes, that is a biblical reference but this podcasts doesn't really have a particular biblical bent. I hope it will inspire to look up who she was. It definitely has a girl power heroine bent, because that is what I am evidently into. Check out the Podcase but most of all navigate to my TheTalkingFros patron page to become a donor to support my quest to 1 billion downloads!!
Always hustling always working! But this is actually fun...I am a Traveling Vineyards Rep, kind of like an Avon lady with bottles of wine. I host bimonthly events or Facebook live events showcasing the wines sourced for sale. Navigate to my latest event to schedule an in home tasting or just to purchase wine.
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